We are three sisters with a love for all things food. Born and raised in an Italian-American household in central NJ halfway between Manhattan and Philadelphia, we were influenced by both cities, but conquered by neither.

We were fortunate to live in a home where using the best, freshest and most authentic ingredients was a common- place priority. With the exception of tuna and anchovies, nothing came in a can. And since it was impossible to find good Italian meats and cheeses at the local food store, a weekly trip from our suburban home to the Italian section of Trenton was required.

Our home was a constant flow of family and friends. Looking back it's easy to see why. Although we'll assume mom and dad were good company, more importantly- the food was great. Mom and Nana were always in the kitchen, and not once did they complain. In fact, even today at 85 years young, mom is most happy when she is cooking or baking for others.

Oldest sister Sharon shares her experience growing up:

     We grew up in a house with a mother who was a great cook and baker and a grandmother who was a superb seamstress-both of whom wanted us to learn from them.  
     When my mother was in the kitchen, I usually stayed out-except to grab a taste of something-- like a meatball immediately after it left a sizzling skillet and just before it got tossed into a pot of sauce -- so good.  When my grandmother was at her sewing machine I barely took notice; at the time the finished product was the thing, not the process. 
     However, what I eventually learned from them had little to do with the skills of making a lasagna big enough to feed 30 people (even though there would be only 5 around the dinner table) or sewing a dress without the use of a pattern. They passed on to me something more special, and it didn't matter if it was rolling out pasta for ravioli or  hand-beading a wedding dress for a granddaughter, from them I learned the simple joy of doing something you love for the people you love. 

Our culinary quests will take us throughout New Jersey, across the Hudson and Delaware rivers and beyond. Although one of us has over 20 years experience working in Catering, Restaurant and Hotel Operations, our emphasis will be on living and enjoying our culture of food, not toiling in professional kitchens.

Sharon, Edie and Jo Ann